Public Domain (but it could be me)

Public Domain (but it could be me)

Here’s the short version:

I’m a writer/artist of a certain age who has hung out in jazz clubs, cowboy bars, symphony halls, and rock arenas on both sides of the country… but mostly jazz clubs.

A few years back I wrote a novel, Listen, and chronicled in a jazzy kind of way the journey of a girl singer who went from a small town in Idaho to Manhattan.  Readers tell me it’s like “reading jazz” and I guess it is – a collage of music, narrative, poetry and … well, you’d have to read it yourself.

While I was writing it, I studied jazz vocal at Cornish College of Arts in Seattle with the wonderful vocalist, Jay Clayton. Jay encouraged me to perform publicly, but I demurred. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to try.  Or just leave it to those who do have the courage.

I continue to write, teach, work on art and generally live as well as I can. For the record, I don’t judge “living well” in dollars and cents.

I grew up in the Pacific northwest but have lived many places around the country and am now happily settled for the duration in San Diego.

If you’d like to correspond with me personally about jazz, just include your email address in a comment and I’ll be in touch.  We can talk about our favorite tunes and musicians and stories. There are always great stories among jazz aficionados!

Music restores my balance and maintains me as a citizen of the cosmos. Talented and dedicated musicians are gifts from the gods to the rest of us.  Please treat them kindly, pay them well and, when they play, stop talking and listen.

17 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi
    This is Marlene VerPlanck…may I ask who you are?? May I thank you for the wonderful writeup…Thank you!!
    Health, Love & Music

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  2. Nice blogging, jazzcookie. Ever heard of or seen any Scouse Jazz? Here’s a slice anyway: youtu.be/uy3qVmnQ4Zo — Cold, Wet and Sockless by The Weave. Best wishes from Liverpool, UK.
    (Amusing band pics here: facebook.com/theweave3)

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    • jazzcookie said:

      Well, thank you a heap for this link. Really enjoyed it and will add it to the JazzCookie post soon. Best wishes back across the pond.


  3. You are the first Jazz blog site, I have come across, and I just love it. I will spend the rest of the day listening to the Youtube jazz links you have provided. Great posting and site that I will follow.

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  4. https://boxcarroguitarro.wordpress.com/2013/06/09/johnny-jazz-homeless-in-san-juan-capistrano/

    Great Blog! I am from Barney Kessel Home Town….”Yes” A Okie From Muskogee!
    The video in my WP is old, I now live in SF.

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  5. The System -my Word Press-https://wordpress.com/post/40749649/51/

    I am from Barney Kessel’s Home Town, I moved to San Francisco when I turned 62..
    Here’s Back in Jones, Okla. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_dREHQqBlM

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    • John, thanks for all your notes today. Hope you got to hear Barney back home. Will check out your wordpress site later today.

      Yeah, southern Cali has plenty of jazz…stay tuned and stay well…


  6. Here’s in Souther California..San Juan Capistrano…a Town Full of Jazz Music! I saw Tuck, n, Patti live at the Coach House…Carrage House? (Being Senile is Being Senior…or something….A Homeless Guitarist…kinda a “Swinging Jazz from Texas Roots.” I lived in Texas in the 1950’s.

    Love your Web Page. corect…BLOG.

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  7. Thank you for your kind visit today ….your site is stunning , truly ! I will follow …blessings , megxxx

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  8. lovely site 🙂


    • Good Golly Miss Molly said:

      Thank you so much. It’s always great to find other with mutual interests and appreciation. Your site certainly matches that!
      All best…Molly

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