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Living as I do so close to the border with Mexico just a trolley ride away, I know Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” well.  In fact I live across the street from one of the biggest tequila emporiums in San Diego and I’ve tasted the great Margaritas in Tijuana.

But a different song came to mind today as I continue my exploration and expansion of music for the summer.  “Come Monday” has a gentler, more haunting lyric that speaks of people in love separated, at least temporarily, by time and circumstance.  It happens.

And the lyric speaks, too, of the sweet reunion when life is back on balance.   I send it out today to any JazzBabies separated from a sweetheart even briefly, even for good reasons.  May you soon be back in the crook of each other’s arms with a song in your hearts that only the two of you can hear.