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Jazz bounces, JazzBabies, and it swings.  It don’t mean a thing and all that.  Jazz can wail and burn down the house when a good jam gets going.  But jazz can also reach right into your chest and pull out your heart in the hands of musicians like Stan Getz, and this is one of the tunes that will do that.

Rodgers and Hart wrote more than their share of the great tunes from the American songbook, tunes that started on a Broadway stage and ended up in the cozy little jazz clubs on one street or another in one city or small town or another.  “It Never Entered My Mind” debuted in a 1940 Rodgers and Hart musical, Higher and Higher and has become a standard. 

Here it is live with a primo 1957 line-up of talent: Getz, Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Herb Ellis, Connie Kay & J.J. Johnson from the album Body and Soul.  The melancholy mournfulness of this sweetly sad tune of lost love won’t chase your blues away but it might remind you that you’re in good company.

We’ve all been there and once in a while, in the face of such a heartfelt loss, permission’s granted to feel sorry for yourself (as long as you don’t make it a habit).