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Well, here we are, JazzBabies, just days away from Mardi Gras with its nearly nonstop celebration of jazz, the Big Easy, parades, costumes, and a lot of other things we don’t need to write about here.

All you need are your Mardi Gras beads and your dancing shoes to celebrate in style.  So if you haven’t made your travel plans yet, now’s the time.  Somebody out there is just beggin’ for you to “Take Me to the Mardi Gras”! Please, please, please, please, please.

This is a Paul Simon tune, written and released in 1973, but the Bob James recording hit most of the jazz outlets when he included it on his 1975 Two album along with some other great tunes.

It’s a little funky, JazzBabies, and not straight ahead by any stretch, but it’s a good one, and I’ve always liked this particular album.  If it’s not what you usually enjoy remember what Mama used to say:  “Just go ahead and try it – one bite won’t kill you.”