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February 4th is my Mom’s birthday, JazzBabies.  She would be 98 today and most likely not be dancing. Sadly, she was plagued with illness and didn’t make it to 50, but oh, she did love to dance when she was a young thing. And she taught me to dance when I was a young thing, too.

Part of my history of jazz is watching my parents do the jitterbug when I was a kid, and yes, they could do most of the steps you’ll see here including that upside-down-over-the-shoulder-who-cares-if-my-panties-show bit.  Lordy, it’s great to be young and in such great shape!

In honor of her birthday, I bring you this jazz medley/collage of jitterbug, swing, boogie woogie, with kids of all ages dancing for the fun of it.  If your ear is good, you’ll recognize many of the tunes, and as you’ll see by the different dress styles, swing dancing didn’t stop in the 1940s or even the 1950s.

I hope it’s not all harps in heaven – let there be swing…  And let my Mom and Dad be cutting the celestial rug!

Happy birthday, Mom