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Jazz greetings from warm and windy San Diego, JazzBabies. We’re in the midst of Santa Ana season and breaking all kinds of weather records, so I was drawn to find something especially cool for the day.  And find it, I did.

A word first about my relationship with pianist Keith Jarrett.  I was not an immediate fan of Mr. Jarrett.  His Koln concert didn’t move me the way it did so many others, and the first time I saw him in a live performance, I was all but booted out of the auditorium because his early antics that included climbing into the piano (for reasons I never understood) brought out my evil twin who doesn’t tolerate much of that kind of “showmanship” and couldn’t stop chuckling and wondering “what the hell?”

Others tried to convince me that it was all part of his art.  I could buy that much.  I try to keep an open mind, but we all have our favorites and our choices, and I’m a pretty straight-ahead jazz cookie.  So I’ve been happy to hear and watch Jarrett in these recent years and have definitely become a fan of his newest recordings, including this beautiful tune.

Jarrett and double-bass master Charlie Haden teamed up for an album of classic jazz tunes and included the haunting Peggy Lee/Victor Young “Where Can I Go Without You.”  I’m pretty sure you know a lot about Peggy Lee who was a quintessential songbird and a fine lyricist in her day, but Victor Young may be less familiar.  He wrote many movie scores and tunes that have become jazz classics, tunes like “When I Fall in Love,” “Stella by Starlight,” “My Foolish Heart,” and “I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You,” among others.  I knew you’d recognize them.

This one was first recorded by Lee in 1954.  And here it is by Jarrett and Haden.  Cool.  Cool. Wonderfully cool.

Ciao, JazzBabies